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 “The project of Organic Agriculture Development”has been organized and supported by Agricultural Development Denmark Asia, an NGO of Denmark in collaboration with Vietnamese Farmers’ Union from November, 2005 to October, 2012 in the North of Vietnam including Hanoi, Vinh Phuc, Bac Ninh, Bac Giang, Hai Phong, Hoa Binh, Tuyen Quang, Lao Cai, Ha Tinh. In the period of November, 2010 and December, 2012, the project has selected some most potential farmer groups that are ambitious and willing to implement organic production in Soc Son district of Hanoi and Luong Son district of Hoa Binh province. These groups have been continuously improved and developed towards stably organic production.


1.      Project objective

Establish a production and market framework for organic agriculture in place and appreciated by producers and consumers.


2.      Project outputs (interrelated)



3.      Development of Production

o   Inspected and carried out field studies by farmers to determine methods of organic cultivation fitted to the natural and social conditions in the North of Vietnam

o   Developed organic agricultural manuals for training key teachers (80 teachers are farmers) and guiding more than 4.000 farmers about methods of organic production for vegetables, fruits (longan, pomelo), green tea, fish, chicken and pig.

o   Set up more than 80 farmer groups implementing organic production in the areas with approved environment and man.

o   Currently, there are about 25 farmer groups supplying organic vegetables and fruits for consumption in Hanoi

o   The monthly income of farmers in the project has increased from 50% to 100%.


4.      Development of Market

o   The first phrase (2008 – 2009)

Increase awareness among consumers to increase demand for organic products: in 2009, the volume of organic vegetables, roots and fruits consuming reached from 8 to 10 tons per month. This number was double to 18 – 20 tons per month in 2010.

Main activities included trade fair participation, field visit and social marketing campaigns.

o   The second phase (2009 – 2011)

Linked producer groups with market through traders

Developed the supply chain

The number of distributors increased from 4 in 2009 to 8 in 2010 and continuously goes up


5.      Organic Quality Assurance (PGS)

o   The system requires the multi participation of stakeholders including: producer, traders, consumers and so on in a low cost but longtime

o   This is an internal system, only applies to those who agree to join including supermarets.

o   In 2008, stakeholders agreed to set up Participatory Guarantee System as the system for assuring quality of organic products.

o   Activities in detail in the period of 2009 and 2010

Developed PGS system including structure, standard and method to inspect and evaluate samples as well as registration procedures.

Training of inspector: 75 farmers trained to work as inspectors

Certification decisions, issue of certificates for qualified groups


6.      Results of PGS

o   In 2009, there were 13 farmer groups applied PGS certification, only Bai Thuong group in Soc Son approved.

o   From 2010 to 2011

25 groups including more than 240 farmers completed procedures of registration. After inspecting, 18 groups was approved (16 in vegetables production, 1 group in longan and 1 group in pomelo)

Periodical and annual inspection: 1 group was stopped because of parallel cultivation, 2 groups were warned and 16 groups were certified again.

The co-ordination of PGS and intergroup took some samples for checking of unusual additional when necessary

o   From 2011 to 2012, the project has continuously supported farmer groups to enhance organic production, particularly in inspecting and managing quality of the products to satisfy PGS standards in Soc Son district and Luong Son district.

o   Select energetic and serious farmers for carrying out a pilot plan of combination among growing organic vegetables, rice, chicken and pig towards transferring the current model in to a closed model.