• BM.PGS Group inspection checklist

    BM.PGS Group inspection checklist

    Ngày đăng (2012-02-27) Số truy cập: 0

    The checklist that the inspector need to consider when checking the fields of each group.

  • BM. Farm management plan

    BM. Farm management plan

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    This sample help farmers to make a good plan of organic production. Otherwise, both farmer and inspector can keep track of the inputs and process of production

  • BM.Farmer's Pledge

    BM.Farmer's Pledge

    Ngày đăng (2012-02-24) Số truy cập: 0

    Farmer group that register to join PGS must enclose the pledge

  • BM.Producer Group Registration Form

    BM.Producer Group Registration Form

    Ngày đăng (2012-02-24) Số truy cập: 0

    Registration form of PGS for farmer group

  • BM.Local group record

    BM.Local group record

    Ngày đăng (2012-02-24) Số truy cập: 0

    Every Producer Group and Inter-Group will maintain a number of documents in a file with relevant information about groups members and the certification process. These documents should be available for the inspection by the PGS Coordinating Group

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