• PGS standards for Retailers

    PGS standards for Retailers

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    The PGS standards for Retailers assure the values and principals of PGS working during the value chain of organic products including production, transportation and consumption

  • Updated PGS standards for producers

    Updated PGS standards for producers

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    The Vietnam PGS Organic Standards for Producers are standards drafted by the PGS Coordination Committee in line with IFOAM Basic Standards and MARD’s Standards for Organic Production and Processing

  • The PGS standards

    The PGS standards

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    The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) issued National Basic Standards for Organic Products in December 2006. Being Basic Standards the MARD standards cannot be used directly for the inspection and certification of organic operations. They are used to provide the baseline or minimum standard for inspection and certification organisations in the local market in Viet Nam. Therefore the PGS has...

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