The Asian Local Government for Organic Agriculture (ALGOA) was launched on 19/9/2015 under a project of IFOAM Asia with the aim of creating favorable conditions for Asian member countries fully utilize the principles of organic agriculture. At the ALGOA Summit in Goesan Korea in 2016, the 16 members agreed on choosing 19th September every year as Asia Organic Day and Vietnam was the first member to hold the launching ceremony to response. The ceremony was held in Thai Nguyen province on 16/9/2017, also is the first place in Vietnam that has produced organic tea according to IFOAM standards since 1998 under the support of some projects of International NGOs, just after the 3rd ALGOA Summit held in Goesan from 31 August - 2 September 2017.

More than 400 representatives and leaders of some central committees, ministries and sectors; People's Committees, Departments of Agriculture and Rural Development in some provinces and cities; Representatives from departments, committees of districts, cities and towns of Thai Nguyen province; Representing a number of institutes and universities across the country; Companies, organic farmer groups PGS, organic farming cooperatives, etc. have come to this special event. Attending the ceremony were Mr. Tran Thanh Nam, Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development; Mr. Ha Phuc Mich - President of Vietnam Organic Agriculture Association; Mr. Doan Van Tuan, Vice President of Thai Nguyen People's Committee; Jennifer Chang -IFOAM Executive Director Asia; Mr. Ong Kungwai, former IFOAM International Executive Board, coordinates the Asian Organic Certification Association (CertAll), the ADDA Vietnam representative, and representatives from several international organizations;

The launch of the "Asia Organic Agriculture Day - 19/9/2017", which seeks to encourage the participation of scientists, workers, farmers and businesses involved in organic agriculture. With the message conveyed by the Vietnam Organic Agriculture Association in the ceremony: "... More than the value calculated in the currency of exchange traded, all individuals, organizations involved in producing and trading organic products should get VALUE OF MOROLITY AND LIVING CULTUREAS HEART OF LIFE to create productivity for the community. “President of Vietnam Organic Agriculture Association Nam Ha Phuc Mich had a touching speech, cherished not only his own desires but also the concerns, the challenge that organic agriculture is facing, with messages to farmers, businesses, individuals and organizations is to cooperate together for the health of the community and future generations.

Speaking at the ceremony, Deputy Minister of Agriculture Tran Thanh Nam emphasized that organic agriculture which plays an important role in ensuring and enhancing human health and ecological environment is increasingly and also is a challenge for localities in the process of accessing, facilitating the development of organic agriculture to meet the growing demand for organic products of the society. The Vice Minister also suggested that Provincial People's Committees should have a plan for developing organic agriculture in their localities, paying attention to the planning of organic agricultural production areas and creating conditions for their economic components invested in. The Organic Agriculture Association continues to bring into play the experience gained, promote the propaganda of organic agriculture policies, consultancy, and transfer of science and technology to its members, advice and review on policy proposals of organic agriculture when required. Enterprises must become the core model leading to diversified organic products, economic efficiency, quality assurance of export goods - international integration, incessant creativity, dynamic to have diversified models of organic products which are suitable for local specialty seedlings, contributing to the rapid growth of organic products.Provinces, organizations and households shall fully implement the State's policies on the development of organic businesses, attaching importance to the implementation of organic production and processing standards and effective integration and Socio-economic development programs (New Rural Development + Sustainable Poverty Reduction) program to develop organic agriculture, while also promoting trade and international cooperation.

On behalf of Thai Nguyen People's Committee Mr. Doan Van Tuan, Vice Chairman praised the importance of developing organic agriculture for the benefit of users, to protect the living environment, to improve agricultural land, public health and to be an indispensable development trend of the present and the future is the right direction to be multiplied. Mr. Tuan expects domestic and foreign enterprises to continue on cooperating and investing in organic agriculture with Thai Nguyen province, and guidance, support to the resources of the Government, committees and ministries, embassies and international organizations in organic farming.

Also in the ceremony, the Vietnam Organic Agriculture Association was awarded the ALGOA Member Award by Jennifer Chang and the 16 new members of the VOAA were given the flag in the presence of delegates.

Source: CDPM & PGS Vietnam