On the morning of July 26, 2017, PGS was approved by the Vietnam Organic Agriculture Association (VOAA), officially launching the "Center Development Of Community Participatory Monitoring Resource (CDPM)” at Homefood, the trustworthy roof of the natural living community, where is accompanying and assisting organic farmer groups in PGS to bring fresh produce to Hanoi consumers.

Meeting the development needs of PGS, after 9 years of operation, CDPM Center was born on the basis of functions and duties that PGS has been implementing over the years, namely: Consulting, transferring Science and Technology, technical production training and participatory monitoring methods as well as accreditation and evaluation of compliance with organic production procedures.

Attending the launch was the participation of the President of the VOAA Ha Phuc Mich, VOAA 's members, representatives of local organizations supporting farmers, NGOs International organizations such as ADDA, VECO, distribution companies, leaders of Colleges of Agriculture and Rural Development (VCARD), scientists, organic farms and individuals, have continued to support and co-operate PGS for 9 years. Ms. Tu Thi Tuyet Nhung - Deputy Director of the Center, Head of PGS Coordination Board has shared the process of formation PGS and the difficult way that PGS and its members try to overcome to promote the movement of organic agriculture in Vietnam. The center, with its core operation orientation, continues to support smallholder farmers through the current PGS system, which will work with the stakeholders to develop a guarantee system for private farms, small producers who are choosing organic farming as their core value.

With two roles, as director of the CDPM, as well as president of the VOAA, TS. Ha Phuc Mich has heartfelt sharing on the difficulties that organic farmers have faced and will face, as well as the opportunities for opening government policies that the Association is taking. It is tasked with MARD for developing a home of organic agriculture in the near future.

The CDPM Center is committed to the principle of participatory operation. We call on organizations and individuals interested in organic agriculture to participate and contribute to the Center's activities for the sustainable development of organic agriculture in Vietnam in the future, contributing to Improve the livelihoods of small farmers to produce healthy foods for the health of the community.