giay dan tuong re nhat là khẩu hiệu của Nội Thất SHD Việt Nam, cung cấp sản phẩm rẻ nhất tới tay người tiêu dùng

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On August 17, 2012 at the Common House of Dong Bung village, Hop Hoa commune, Luong Son district a conference on raising organic pig was took place with the participation of the representatives of Luong Sơn Farmers’ Union, ADDA, Tam Dat Company, local government agency and the leaders of PGS groups in Luong Son Inter-group.


Mr.Sơn is reporting the results of raising organic pigs

The trial plan to raise organic pig was implemented by Mr. Nguyen Van Son, leader of Dong Bung group from December, 2011 under the technical and financial support of the Project of Organic Agriculture Development ADDA- VNFU. Until August 17, 2012 Son has harvested 19 organic pigs in total from initial 32 pigs.

In the comparison with conventional methods to raise pig, organic method requires more handworks and careful feed for pigs due to entirely unused industrial feeds. With this new method, although the pigs grow more slowly but the selling price is higher from 40% -50%.


Sơn's organic pigs


The participants also discussed lively about these issues of mixed food, taking care of pigs, the use of vaccines ... and combine raising organic pigs with organic farming. Although the economic efficiency is not adequate as expectation due to many pigs died in the epidemic disease in local area but Mr. Son and other members of  Luong Son Inter-group have clearly seen potential for raising organic pigs and committed to continue after the trial plan.

Hopefully in the coming time, in addition to organic vegetables, organic chicken and organic pig will contribute to diversification of organic foods in the meal of consumers.