Certification Manager Job Description




a)    The position of Certification Manager (CM) is central to the processes involved in the delivery of the PGS certification.

b)    All the paperwork for a producer's certification passes through the hands of the CM.

c)     The CM is responsible for the maintenance of the completed records for each producer. 

d)    These records are confidential and should be kept in a secure place.

e)    The CM works from basic principles and needs to keep things as simple as possible.

f)     The Inter-Group Management Team appoints the CM.

g)    It is envisaged that the position should at least in part be a paid post.




a)    Have a good working knowledge of the PGS Organic Standards and its procedures and methods.

b)    Exhibit an attention to detail.

c)     Able to handle paperwork in a neat and organized manner.

d)    Have common sense and the ability to use logic to find answers.

e)    Have a computer and access to the internet.

f)     Basic computer skills i.e. ability to type, use email, MS Word, use the internet.

g)    Be efficient and organized.

h)    Honest and willing to work on a voluntary basis or for a small allowance only.




* Coordinate of Certification Committee of the Inter-Group.

*  Manage the certification process to enable the Producer’s certificate to be issued.

*  Respond to queries regarding inputs allowed under the PGS

*  Make the schedule and arrange with the heads of the Producer Group the Producer Group peer reviews.

*  Screen all Peer Review reports ("PGS Group Inspection Checklist").

*  Communicate with the Coordination Group on all matter related to the peer reviews and certification, including non-compliance issues, sanctions, random inspection, residue tests.